Our Story

Michael Jaeb Simple Products Founder

Simple Products L.L.C. was born out of necessity due to the economic recession of 2008. I had spent the previous 25 years as a professional designer with a hobby farm in rural Holmes County, Ohio. For years our family made Maple syrup on a small scale for our use and to give as gifts. A friend introduced me to “Shagbark” Hickory syrup with many mature hickory trees on our farm, I decided to experiment with the process and quickly developed what I thought was a unique tasting product.

I went to a small event with several cases of pint jars filled with my maple and hickory syrup and by day’s end it was all sold. I knew that I might be on to a potential business opportunity that could utilize our 55-acre farm and generate income for my family.

I began experimenting with the crops that I was currently growing or knew could be grown on our farm. I developed interesting syrup flavor combinations like Rhubarb & Wild Ginger, Jalapeno & Lime and Blackberry Pecan. Our mission from the beginning has been to use Ohio produced fruits and produce from our farm or from other local producers combined with high quality and organic ingredients .

Very quickly we established a new market segment and were generating sales through about 40 retail outlets, online and at markets and events. The product line has grown to include over 30+ varieties of syrup, 15+ varieties of  Jam & Glaze, A line of seasoning and rubs that all have pure maple sugar as an ingredient, and a handful of infused vinegars.

Several years ago we constructed a state inspected production facility on our farm allowing us to produce products when crops are harvested from fresh flavorful Local ingredients, it’s that Simple!